The Godfather 2 Video Game Release Date

The Godfather series is known for its sequels as well as its classic gangster storyline and famous actors, but the video game hasn’t been quite the same success.
At the same time however, the The Godfather video game series should be able to find its niche when the sequel is released to the first video game for the Playstation 3, XBox 360, and Nintendo Wii systems.

The Godfather 2 Video Game Release Date

Electronic arts will handle the release and production of The Godfather 2 video game and much is expected for the sequel. EA is usually pretty good at handling movie-based games such as the Lord of the Rings series.

The Godfather 2 will be released on Tuesday, February 9th and has a ton of interesting features.

The Godfather 2 Video Game Features

Taking a cue from Grand Theft Auto, Godfather 2 will have a long, gritty storyline and feature the ability to recruit your own personal gang, ie your “family.” Having your own good squad will go far towards helping you achieve your goals in the game.

Making money and undertaking criminal missions are also a big part of The Godfather 2 and a multi-player mode similar to Grand Theft Auto 4’s with multiple unique modes is also a part of this M-rated video game release.

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