Mugen Game: Ultimate Garou

Ultimate Garou is a fan game(being made by CCIronmugen) based off SNK’s Fatal Fury series.Over 15 fighters from various SNK series will get to beat the tar out of each other once this is finished.
The familiar faces of Joe, Blue Mary, Terry and Billy Kane are joined by Shingo, Kyo, King, Yuri, Kula and other KOF regulars. Also, Clara and Hikaru from Noise Factory’s superb fighter, Power Instinct Matrimelee, will also be playable.

The controls will be a four button layout. Players have both a power bar(charge or execute attack to fill) and a stress bar(take damage to fill). filling either or both will allow you to preform supped up attacks that deal more damage.

Desperation moves are special attacks that can only be executed once per round. The only requirement is that you must have 50 % health orb less, and your character’s portrait must blink.

Other features include special win poses and intros against certain opponents, cheese finishes, etc. The download section of the site has a trailer, as well as fight video of different characters in the game.

Ultimate Garou

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