Final Fantasy XIII: Beautiful Masterpiece or Dull Comparison

Quite frankly, I still have not beat the game. I can barely pick it up to finish it. The game play was atrocious. The paradigm system (the system in which you can change your character’s role in the party to Synergist, Commando, etc.) was creative, but time consuming and kind of a nuisance. Some fights you weren’t ready to go forward to so you’d have to back track in your environment to level back up which is fine, but if you make a linear project you should be just going forward and having the skills to move forward. Final Fantasy XIII doesn’t do that. In fact, if you move forward when you’re supposed to you are faced with debilitating enemies and constant frustration in dying.

Now, I am not saying completely avoid the game because it’s a beautifully designed game. One of the best I’ve seen. The background in each scene is remarkable and it seems they have done extremely well in CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery). I found myself stopping sometimes just to examine the background on how beautifully crafted it actually was.

But, why did they spend so much more time on the graphics than on the battle system? Or the actual fights themselves? It baffles me. Has this generation really come to the point where graphics are superior to actual game play? Or does this just bother the “nerds” like me who have dedicated a good portion of their life playing ALL the Final Fantasy games.

Now, I’ll admit Final Fantasy XIII wasn’t the only one that I disliked, but it’s definitely the worst battle system I’ve seen. It’s boring and altogether not worth the time to play. I say that, but I also know being a Final Fantasy Fangirl will push me to finish the game because I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game without beating it. And who knows, maybe it’ll turn up just like Final Fantasy XII and the ending will be worth it. Until then, good luck and enjoy your future gaming from one “nerd” to the other!

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